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Horny Hour #16

Your prompt this week is:


We all have parts of our personalities that we’d rather not have to deal with. These are things that are usually labelled during our childhood or teen years, and the labels stick. They become myths about our personalities.

BUT we all have the power to reinvent ourselves by transforming our perception of our personal myths.

You can embrace your dark side, and use the bad stuff to your advantage creating yourself a new myth. Don’t fix it, feature it. Let it play a starring role in your creative life.

Embrace the dark side.

The quiet one, always got her nose stuck in a book, just two of the things I’d hear about myself as a child. Neither of these has changed, I’m still the quiet one and I still read a lot.

Weirdo, freak, you don’t fit, things I’d hear from my family as I got older, but I had always accepted I was different to my sisters, thought about things differently, was interested in different things. I still hear it now, it’s never said nastily, they are stating a fact. My youngest sister is all about the hair, make-up, shoes, bags etc. things I don’t really bother about. The other one is, actually, to be honest I don’t know what she’s really interested in. Despite being close in age we aren’t really that close.

I’ve long embraced my darker side, enjoyed the fact that I could surprise people sometimes. I wonder how they’d take finding out about this side of me. This is where I feel most comfortable, being able to express myself, to explore my dark side, to be creative in a way that I enjoy and to hopefully continue to grow and explore the darker side of my creativity.


‘Damn!’ She fingers the ladder in her stocking, all the way up the back of her leg, like a seam. She strokes her skin through it as she imagines other fingers, ripping, tearing, pulling the stockings from her legs. Moving on to tear the rest of her clothes from her body. Using the strips to bind her, gag her and blindfold her. To keep her helpless as she is used.


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