…in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.


Masturbation Monday #17

This was this weeks prompt

Masturbation Monday: Week 82

He marvels at her as she lays on the bed, runs his hands down her body and spreads her legs to kneel between them. She protests as he lowers his head, running his tongue between her lips, he knows he simply has to hold her there and she’ll melt against him. She moans as he continues, tasting her, licking, sucking. He slides a finger inside, two, she moans again, pushing against his mouth now, wanting more but he stops and now her moan is one of loss and frustration. He lies beside her, head to tail and pushes his fingers back inside as she takes hold of his cock and strokes him, lightly, squeezing gently. His moans match hers now as her hand tightens, her back arching off the bed as he finds that sweet spot inside her. He is struck by the symmetry then, their positions, their noises, the way her cunt and hand tighten at the same time. She takes him in her mouth and the sound of her pleasure at the taste of him makes him even harder. He slides his fingers deeper inside as she takes him deeper, deeper, until he is lost in the feel of her mouth and throat. His moves his hips and hand at the same speed, slow and deep. She is the yin to his yang he thinks as she gushes over his hand at the same time as he does in her throat.

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