Kink of the Week #6

I love that so many people have offered to write various prompts for Kink of the Week. It can be tough writing introductions for kinks that are not your own without sounding unsure about your subject matter, so having people willing to share their knowledge/understanding is invaluable and means that we get to cover a wide variety of kinks. This week the prompt is bought to you by Rabbit in Chains who had a couple of suggestions for different topics but in the end settled on trying to tempt you all with this one.

Kink of the Week March 16-31: Kidnapping/Captive

Kidnapped victim for Kink of the Week

Image courtesy of Rabbit in Chains

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself snatched up unawares? Bound and carried off, finding yourself somewhere unknown, at the whim of a mysterious stranger? Or perhaps it’s not a stranger…but now that they have you, what do they want? What will they do? What will you do?

Kidnapping/Captive fantasies are some of my favorites. It permeates most of my erotic fiction. I love the idea of being taken and being at the mercy of my captor, stripped of all choice and recourse. I find myself pondering what delicious torments they might devise, or perhaps what acts of rebellion I might dare. There are numerous elements of this particular kink to work with. What happens to you when they have you, Do they tie you up? Do they blindfold you? Are they kind and gentle or mean and nasty? Are they a single person or a group?

Have you ever had a kidnapping fantasy? Have you ever played it out in real life? What about it flips your switches? Or does the idea of being kidnapped repulse you? Do you find this kind of play too traumatic to be arousing?

Alternatively maybe you are the kidnapper, the one holding the keys, locking the doors on your captive. What about being in that role works for you. Do you imagine bundling up your unsuspecting victim and carrying them off helpless into your lair? Have you ever acted out a kidnapping fantasy where you are the kidnapper or is it just a fantasy that you like to imagine the what, how, who and where of?

I know this is a bit short but I can’t think of anything I need to add to it 🙂

I have a thing about being kept captive, not so much the kidnapping part, but being kept by someone or a group of someones. It has varied, but I’m always the one there to be used. Sometimes they’re nice, sometimes not, sometimes it’s men or men and women. Sometimes I’m tied and blindfolded, sometimes not. There is such an opportunity for so many variations on this theme that I can change it in any way I want.

It plays on my biggest kink – being used for someone else’s pleasure. And being unable to do anything about it.

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7 thoughts on “Captive

  1. I think it is such a complex kink actually which is why people have trouble articulating it, because it is terrifying in its reality and hot as a fantasy and that contrast makes me very difficult to give words to


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  2. I think most people concentrate on the captive but. The kidnapping is mostly the logistics of getting to the good part, so to speak. At least, for me.

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