Not This Time

Masturbation Monday #18


Not This Time

Warning: This one starts out a bit rough.

He dragged her across the room by her hair, grabbed her around the waist and threw her onto the bed.

‘Bitch!’ He slapped her face. She’d agreed to one ankle cuff and he wasn’t sure how he was going to manage, she was in the mood for a fight today. She aimed a kick at him, wanting to kick him in the bollocks but he was wise to that and she only caught him on the thigh. He caught her ankle, lucky, it was the one with the cuff, and tried to get it fastened to the chain hanging off the bedpost but she managed to pull away and slapped him.

‘Fucking bastard!’ She screamed at him. He grabbed her around the throat then and squeezed. She still fought him, scratching at his arms and chest until he squeezed a bit more and she couldn’t breathe. He caught hold of her ankle again and this time managed to fasten it to the bed. She still wasn’t done and as he had to let go of and fasten her other limbs, she twisted underneath him, still trying to slap him, kneeing and kicking wherever she could. ‘Get the fuck off me, you fucking shit!’ She knew he’d win eventually, it was only a matter of time, but she had to make him fight. Finally he managed to fasten her arms and they both stopped for a few seconds, panting hard and glaring at each other. She could see she’d caught him a good one on the cheek, she smiled as he ran his fingers over the scratch.

‘You’re going to pay for that one you little bitch.’ He promised, making her cunt twitch in response. He fastened her other ankle and slapped her face before he left her lying there spread-eagled on the bed while he went to look at his latest war wound in the mirror.

He lay beside her on the bed when he came back, and as his breathing returned to normal he ran a finger along her slit, digging them into her wet cunt.

‘I don’t why you fight, or does it make you more horny, slut?’ He knew it did, but still asked.

‘You know it does. Bastard.’ She glared at him, but still ground hard against his hand. He grinned at her.

‘And now you want me to fuck you?’ He stroked himself through his jeans as she watched, hungry for him. ‘To stick my cock inside your hot, wet cunt and fuck you till you scream?’ He rolled over and knelt between her legs still rubbing his cock.

‘Yes, please. Please, fuck me.’ She almost moaned as she watched him undo his trousers, licking her lips at the sight of him.

‘And I suppose you think I’m going to let you suck my cock too?’ At this stage it was 50/50 whether she’d suck him or bite him. She lifted her hips to him, he could the wetness trickle from her, down towards her arse.

‘Oh god, please.’ He wanted to fuck her, to lose himself inside her. But as he stroked himself to the edge he knew he wasn’t going to, not now. He slid the tip of his cock against her as he wanked, knowing how much she loved it, knowing too how much she wanted him inside her. She tried to rise up, take him inside but he pulled away from her. Her groan of frustration making him smile as he raised himself over her.

‘Not today, bitch.’ He managed as his come spurted over her tits and face.

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11 thoughts on “Not This Time

  1. We’ve never played quite that rough but god, it’s a turn on to imagine. And begging with your body for cock and still being denied? Hot…and frustrating (in a good way…says the masochist, lol). Love this!

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