Love, Risk, Bums and Lace

Both the posts I started writing for Wicked Wednesday and Word for Wednesday were far too depressing. I’ve been up and down and all over the place again. I’ve another visit to the GP next week so I’ll be talking to him about whether I need to adjust my meds.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday is all about edges – The prompt is about being on the edge.

Living life on the edge… taking everything from life that it has to offer. Being on the edge… does it scare or excite you?

Being on the edge scares me. Having spent much of my life on a financial edge, and the stress I’ve had through the years with life in general, all I want now is some peace. Not a very sexy idea so here’s a picture of an edge.

Hot Pink Lace

This is about the most exciting thing I do now. Which brings me to my Word for Wednesday. This week’s word is Hope – Grounds for believing that something good might happen. I have to have hope. And one of my hopes’s is that one day I won’t hate my bum quite so much!

I’m also going to link to Food For Thought Friday which was about the riskiest thing you’ve done for sex or love. This is, I do it for my love of photography and writing, and also in the pursuit of learning to love myself.

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And more Food For Thought Friday here.

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