Kink of the Week April 1-15: Glasses

Do you have a thing for glasses, not the type you drink out of but the type you put on your face to help you see better?

Kinks come in all shapes and sizes from the big and bold, like spanking and bondage to the more subtle and discreet. Spectacles fall into the latter category I think.

Do you find glasses sexy? Maybe the studious librarian look rocks your world and your fantasies are filled with them or maybe it is a look you like to present to people. If so, why? What about men in glasses, is there something about them that just turns you on or have you never thought about it before?

Do you wear glasses? Do you feel sexy in them or do you wish you could do away with them? Maybe your partner wears them and you love how they look with them on, or could it be that moment when they peer over the top of them at you, that just melts your kinky heart? Alternatively maybe you hate your/their glasses, if so why?

Do you or your partner take them off to have sex? Is there something about that moment, the conscious act of removing them for sex, that you find a turn on or maybe you wished they kept them on?

Do you have a sexy memory of someone who wore glasses or a sexy moment that involved glasses? Maybe someone came on your glasses, covering them with cum or lifted them away from your face so they could kiss you better, or see your eyes better, or wipe your tears?

Alternatively why not pen a sexy story that involves glasses.

I don’t find glasses inherently sexy, I wear them for reading and I don’t feel at all sexy in them. I have the free HSE (Irish NHS) version.  I’ve only had to wear them for a couple of years so they’re not something that I ever thought about, and strangely, I’ve never dated anyone who wore glasses, except for reading. Sometimes seeing someone that you haven’t seen in glasses before wearing glasses can be sexy, I’m thinking Tom Hiddleston, but I find him sexy anyway. Some people are lucky enough to look good in glasses, I just don’t think I’m one of them. I look stupid wearing a hat too.

I find someone reading more sexy, whether they wear glasses or not. Intelligence is damn sexy, but for me, glasses do not automatically imply intelligence. I guess glasses just aren’t a kink for me.


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9 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. They are not a kink for me either. I do think some people look damn sexy in their glasses but it is not something that would make a huge difference for me apart from that. However, I am more fond my own glasses now that I have a partner who finds them sexy.


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