Masturbation Monday #19 and Friday Flash #3

She’d always been Mouse, ever since school, scurrying around in the background. Even now, she still thought of herself as Mouse. She still couldn’t actually believe she’d done what she’d done. As soon as the poster had gone up in the cocktail bar below her apartment she’d known she had to go. She rarely went out, and when she did she stayed in the background, one drink and then back home to her little mousehole.

‘You know he’s done this for you?’ one of the barmaids had said a few days ago, asking her if she was going to go. The one thing people did know about her was her love for Art Deco, silent movies and all things 20’s, her tiny apartment was filled with the treasures she’d managed to find.

The thought scared her and excited her at the same time. Her experience of men and sex was almost non-existent. After she’d showered, as she lay on her bed in her underwear she thought about him. He’d always been kind, polite, never pushing after the first time he’d asked out and she’d refused. Her hands slid over her body, not for the first time imaging his hands touching her instead. She closed her eyes and imagined it was his hand holding her breast, his fingers squeezing her nipple, making her gasp. His hand between her legs, exploring her wetness, his thumb gliding over her clit. It was his name she called out as she came. She looked over at the dress she’d bought and smiled. She was tired of being Mouse, tired of being alone, she wanted some excitement in her life. She decided against showering again and slid the dress over her head, loving the feel of it at she smoothed it over her body. Loving the feel of the sticky wetness between her legs as she brushed out her new sleek bob. A quick slick of deep red lipstick and she was ready, slipping the lipstick into her bag she took one last look at herself in the mirror. ‘Bye bye Mouse.’ She whispered and headed out the door.

Mouse 5

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