Mouse Part 2

Wicked Wednesday #27

Poor Mouse, I almost forgot about her 😦 There will be more, I just don’t know when. Can’t write at the moment. I’m not 100% happy with this but not up to editing it.

Mouse part 2

Three cocktails and she was feeling the effect. She had to hold onto the banister as she made her way upstairs to her apartment. Two tries to get the key into the lock. She was such a lightweight, cheap date though. She giggled to herself as she flopped onto the couch and thought back on the evening so far, a definite success. He hadn’t recognised her at all, the look of amazement on his face when he’d realized had been priceless. Even better had been the undisguised look of lust when she’d sucked on the cherry from her drink. A Mary Pickford, a 20’s cocktails for a 20’s themed night. Although he’d been shocked when she mentioned a couple of the cruder drinks from the usual menu, slippery nipples and cock-sucking cowboys. Even after she’d reminded him that she wasn’t a complete innocent he still wouldn’t tell her exactly what he was thinking about. Damn but he was so fucking sexy. His seeming reluctance to tell her made him all the more so. But she had a damn good idea what was going through his head, probably something similar to what was going through hers. And though the bar was pretty busy they’d managed a couple of conversations through the evening, enough flirting to know that he still wanted her, and for her to know she wanted him. He’d been disappointed when she told him she had to go, she’d reached her two drink limit. He’d led her to the office behind the bar, asked if she’d stay, just for a little while, put a hand to her face, kissed her. She’d wrapped her arms around him, kissed him back, felt his cock digging into her stomach, wanted him to fuck her right there. His hand on her arse, pulling her closer, his kisses greedy, rough against her mouth, her neck before he’d pulled away from her. They stood looking at each other, breathless. She put her hand between her legs as she closed her eyes, her wet knickers a reminder, as if she needed one, of how horny she’d been, still was. She slid a finger along her lips, trailing across her clit as she thought again of being on her knees in front of him, sucking the tip of his cock as she’d sucked the cherry, his moan as she wrapped her red lips around him, the taste of his come barely disguised by the third cocktail she’d drunk afterwards as she slipped the spare key to her apartment into his hand.

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