Horny Hour #18

horny hour

Space and time.

I was planning on just using space but somehow when I wrote it ‘and time’ followed with ease. It just felt right to have both. I blame all the sci-fi I’ve been reading lately. Or maybe the shows, and films I watch. ;D  But that doesn’t mean you have to go sci-fi, space and time might mean something completely different to you.


I’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks to write any fantasy, as much as I wanted to write I couldn’t.

This morning as I was walking back home the thoughts and words came into my head.

Images, thoughts, sensations tumble in her head. Another time, another place. All coalesce into a kaleidoscope of snapshots, bodies, hands, lips, tongues.

Every day, her mind filled with memories, so real she can almost feel, touch, taste them.

His hands on her, stroking, touching, fingers working their magic. The taste of him, his cock in her mouth, then in her throat, saliva coating him, running down her chin, the fight between needing to breathe, yet not wanting to.

The memory of his weight, pinning her down as he fucks her, his words in her ear –slut, whore, my little fucktoy – she can hear them in her head. The heat in her stomach, between her legs, torment.

Her own words – please, yes.

All this and more, all day, every day.

Yet when she sleeps – no dreams.

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