Boob Job

Kink of The Week #8 and Boobday #34

Three posts today, that may be a bit too many 😀 But I still haven’t done Boobday yet and I can link it in with the KOTW topic too!

Titty Fucking

Titty fucking

Image courtesy of Beck and her Kinks

Titty fucking; porn trope or actual thing? I have heard mixed opinions about this. Some people seems to firmly believe that it is something you see in porn as it appeals to men and is clearly a very visual thing, as a result men seek it out in the bedroom. From others (both male and female) I have heard a genuine and enthusiastic love for titty fucking.

So what about you?

Ladies; do you love to feel and see his cock nestled between your breasts, pushing up towards your face and mouth? Does his pleasure give you pleasure? Is this part of foreplay or a sex act all of its own. If so maybe it is the act of him cumming there, close to your face but nestled firmly in your boobs that you love. Does breast size make a difference? Have you tried it and decided your boobs are just not big enough? Maybe you only do it for him because he likes it and you like giving him what he wants or maybe the whole things is a huge turn off for you and when it comes to titty fucking you just say no.

I read somewhere recently that no matter what size your breasts are with the right position and lubricant titty fucking can still happen. I am not sure I believe that bold statement so it would be lovely to hear from some small breasted women on their thoughts and experiences.

Gentleman; Do you love sliding your dick between a warm pair of boobs or maybe it is something you have watched in porn time and again but found never lived up to expectations in real life? If you like it, why? Have you found female partners to be into it too? Do you find boobs size matters when it comes to titty fucking? Do you look at women’s cleavage and find your mind straying to thoughts of your cock nestled in there. Alternatively maybe it is just not your thing and if so why?

Don’t forget that Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences. Fiction posts are more then welcome, so if you want to write us a story inspired by the prompt then go for it.

A boob job instead of a blow job or a hand job? Something else I’m not that fond of. I don’t exactly have small boobs but the few times I’ve been involved it just never seems to work. The only thing I find is that having my boobs squeezed together like that hurts, and generally not in a good way. It’s always been the guy who wanted to try it. So no, it’s not really for me, and to be honest I hate come anywhere near my face too, unless it’s in my mouth.


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14 thoughts on “Boob Job

  1. Beautiful boob picture and thank you for joining in with Kink of the Week. I really think titty fucking is about the way it looks and for the most part the person who gets the hot view is the man, maybe that is why it is often something men seem to like


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  2. Such lovely, lovely boobs Dawn, just lovely!!!
    But to also answer your question . . . I know I’m the odd one out . . . but with someone special I actually do enjoy!!! I suppose it’s to do with feeling that in the context of the fun and passion of the moment, I actually feel empowerment and satisfaction in my lovers enjoyment. I realise that may sound strange, or subservient to a lot of people, but . . . !!!
    Xxx – K

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