Friday Flash #4

This month’s prompt – Typewriter.

old-fashioned typewriter

She uses the old typewriter for the same reason she still prefers to write in a notebook, for the same reason she would rather read a book than watch a movie (although there are exceptions to this rule).

The extra care and effort involved is an antidote to the instant gratification that seems to have permeated every facet of life.

The need to concentrate and to think about every move, the texture and sensations, the feel of the thick, cream paper beneath her fingertips, so much more satisfying than a cold, hard smartphone screen.

The world of possibilities as she inserts the paper into the platen and adjusts it. She doesn’t type quickly, she prefers to take her time, enjoying the extra pressure needed to use the keys, the sound of the words being formed on the paper, the small ding as she reaches the end of a line and she enjoys the fact that she has to move the paper herself.

She thinks about those who will never have the pure pleasure of creating in this way, taking the time to think about and savour each beautiful word as it is created. Those who rely on spellcheck and being able to instantly erase anything, the ability to delete instantly and not remember.

How sad to have no memories.

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9 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. Wonderful post. I, too, love the feel of paper. Sometimes when I’m reading a physical book, I catch my fingertip rubbing the paper to feel enjoy the texture. In fact, physical books engage all my senses. Even taste – spending hours in the library as a kid, I could almost taste the smell of paper, ink, and binding glue, feel the book dust drying my mouth.

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  2. I think this really hits upon the future of our children. We are left with our parents diaries and photographs and maybe our children will have some of that from us but their children, they will be left with Instagram accounts and Facebooks pages to find their parents lives and memories


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