May is…

…Masturbation Month apparently.

The things you learn. My thoughts on that subject will be in a KOTW post 😀

Masturbation Monday #20

In honour of the month Kayla Lords who runs Masturbation Monday is offering writers and readers the chance to win prizes, see here for details. I’ve not had much luck writing lately but how could I not with this as the prompt!

Prompt for Masturbation Monday Week 87

Lying on my back, across his lap he tells me to give him a wank. As I start to stroke his cock, a hand goes between my legs. ‘Don’t stop.’ He tells me. His other hand goes to my neck, gentle pressure, enough for me to feel it as his fingers delve inside my cunt. I try to keep the rhythm going with my hand. ‘Concentrate.’ He whispers in my ear. I know I won’t be able to, it’s not fair. He continues to work at my cunt, my clit, whispering in my ear all the time about what will happen if I stop wanking him off. About how he’ll turn me over and make me choke on his cock, then when he’s tired of that he’ll fuck me, first my cunt, then my arse. His cock twitches in my hand. ‘Good girl. Keep going.’ I’m writhing under his hand now, I can’t do this. His fingers digging into me, I miss a stroke. His hands are gone from me and he flips me over. ‘Open.’ I open my mouth as he grabs my hair, pushes me down onto his cock until I’m gagging. ‘Get your arse up her.’ I shuffle around until he can push his fingers into my cunt. He lifts my head, my mouth and eyes streaming before pushing me back down again, my cunt clenching around his fingers as I gag again, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I shift to change the angle and manage a breath before his cock slides into my throat. He holds me there for a few seconds. ‘There’s a good little slut.’ He pulls my head up, kisses me, pushes me away from him and stands by the bed. He pulls me so my head is over the edge of the bed and slides his cock back into my mouth, down my throat, his fingers in my cunt again. Talking to me as he alternates between fucking my throat and letting me breathe. ‘I know how much you want me to fuck you, how much you want me inside you.’ My cunt dripping and clenching around his fingers as I moan around his cock. ‘I might just come in your mouth, or on your face. I don’t know do you deserve to be fucked.’ I want to beg him, but all I can do is make pleading sounds and try to remember to breathe when he lets me. I don’t want this to stop but I need him to fuck me, please, let him fuck me…

More Masturbation Monday here.

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