No Touching

Kink Of The Week #9

Kink of the Week May 1-15: Masturbation

Woman laying on bed masturbation

Image courtesy of Holden and Camille

May is here and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere that means we are well and truly in the throes of spring but for everyone, no matter north or south, May is also Masturbation Month! So it really was obvious what topic should be first up this month.

For large parts of history Masturbation has been demonised with all sorts of evils and ills being attributed to this simple pleasurable act and yet it would seem that as soon as early man invented early tools he used them to craft to penis shaped items that one can only assume were not just works of art to decorate their caves with. Today masturbation is big business, a huge sex toy industry wants you to get your pants off and use their product to get your rocks off and yet despite that there are still many people peddling the idea that masturbation is bad, sinful, harmful to your health and relationships and other scaremongering type rhetoric despite the fact that all the evidence points to the exact opposite. Education about masturbation is still lacking, particularly when it comes to young women who despite the huge amount of sex toys now marketed at them are often hugely ignorant of how their bodies work.

So, lets talk about you and masturbation. Are you a regular wanker? When did you first start masturbating? Was it a wonderful discovery of a shameful secret? Maybe you were bought up in a environment where you were taught that touching yourself was ‘devils play’, how did this effect you and your exploration of your self pleasure?

Do you like to use sex toys when you masturbate? Maybe you have a favourite toy or maybe you prefer the joys of your own hand/fingers and nothing else.

Does masturbation feature in your relationship? Is watching your partner getting off is seriously hot or something that makes you uncomfortable, alternatively how do you feel about being watched?

What do you think about when you masturbate? Is there a favourite, orgasm guaranteed, fantasy that you like to think about when you are reaching between your thighs? Do you like to watch porn, or maybe you prefer the stimulation of the written word?

I could go on and on but I am pretty sure you have got the idea by now, so slip your hands into your pants and share all your masturbatory thoughts with us here.

I was probably in my early teens when I started masturbating, I can’t remember exactly how old nor can I remember how I first discovered the delights of touching myself.

Over the years I’ve masturbated a lot, although I found once I’d made myself come I had to stop. Because I could only reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation it was too sensitive to keep going. I didn’t finger myself, didn’t use toys either. I’d have a go-to stock of fantasies guaranteed to work. Because I’d come across a stash of porn mags I knew it was something other people did, there was no sex ed. about it, I didn’t have friends I could talk to about it and although I didn’t flaunt it I wasn’t ashamed about it.

Over the last few years though I’ve done it less and less, occasionally I’d feel horny and sort it out but I supposed age, lack of a partner and just a general loss of interest in sex meant I just couldn’t be arsed. Then I stopped being able to orgasm, the horrible thought surfaced ‘What if I never have another one?’. Having another relationship I realised that I could still have orgasms, they were just different, and I needed a few to feel satisfied (greedy). Now I don’t even bother masturbating, I still get horny but trying to do anything about it just leaves me irritated and more frustrated so I have to do something else to take my mind off it. It’s annoying but I’m used to it now and I hope it’s not a permanent thing. But if it is I’ll just have put up with it, to be honest I’ve too much other shit going on to be worrying about it.

I hate being watched and I’m not that fussed about watching a partner masturbate, even with porn I don’t find it hot watching someone masturbate. The one thing I do like though is how it feels to have someone masturbate against me. That I do like.

Touch 3

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3 thoughts on “No Touching

  1. Really interesting to read how masturbation has changed for you over time. I was late to the masturbation (in my mid 20’s when I worked out how it all worked) but ever since I have been a dedicated wanker, although being a relationship where sex is much more open and frequent means masturbating on my own is not something I do as much


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  2. Its amazing how we change over time, I go through phases with masturbation. When I was single and not having sex I just went off everything, then going into a living apart relationship I was wanking all the time. Now I’m more settled there’s a happy medium but I go through those frustrating times where I just can’t achieve orgasm. I know I should just not bother but I can’t resist giving it a go and end up miserable as a result!

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