Don’t Love Me

Masturbation Monday #21

These are the things I need,

I want them, but I need them more.

To crawl to you, for you to make me beg for your cock.

Beg you to let me suck it, gag on it, beg you to choke me with it.

‘Please, let me suck your cock, please fuck my throat.

Please, make me gag, choke me.

Please, I need you to do this.’

I need you to spank me until I cry.

I need you to make me cry.

‘Please, hurt me and make me cry. Please.’

I need you to take away my control.

I need you to hold me down, fuck me, pinch me, slap me, bite me.

Your hand round my throat.

Call me a slut, a whore, a fucktoy.

Use me, hurt me, mark me.

Just don’t love me.



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11 thoughts on “Don’t Love Me

  1. Gosh… It seems like you needed to let something out. Or rather… you let something out and it needs to be nursed. It hit home in a way that makes me want to say, “You aren’t alone.” I’m glad that you shared.

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