Take a Deep Breath

Wicked Wednesday #31

This week’s prompt – Aspire.


My posts of late have been a bit sparse and not very sexy at all. The last five months have been bad, the last four weeks absolutely awful. I’ve cried at some point nearly every day, which I haven’t done for years, and unlike back then I couldn’t pin down a reason (there are lots of reasons). I had almost decided to stop blogging here and start a new one purely for posting about how shit everything had become. What with visits back and forward to the doc and the social I feel like I’ve been in some sort of limbo, just passing time with no idea of what’s going on.

Yesterday I was back at the GP, I’ve now been referred to a psychiatrist to sort out my meds (don’t know how long I’ll have to wait), I’ve also decided to get some counselling, it might help. And today I handed in my application for Disability Allowance, and it looks like I should get it. I finally feel as if things are moving forward at last. The last couple of days have been OK, maybe the meds are starting to work (fingers crossed). I do have one thing I can aspire to now and that’s trying to get back to what passes for normality around here 😀

I finally feel like I can breathe again.


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14 thoughts on “Take a Deep Breath

  1. Your Photo is VERY VERY Nice! I Hope Your Doc Makes Sure Your Meds Work For You! Sounds Like Things Are Moving, Slowly, In the Right Direction! Please Keep Posting!!

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  2. It’s good to read you’re feeling better again. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been through such a rough time, hun. I’ve had my depressed moments, but nothing at all like you have and I won’t ever say that I understand how you feel/felt. All I can say is I wish you strength and hope the positive mood lasts a very long time 🙂

    Oh and, the photo is yummy!

    Rebel xox

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