Kink of the Week #10

full bush pubic hair on a woman

Image courtesy of Rebel’s Notes

Kink of the Week June 1-15: Pubic Hair

Back in the 1970’s the big full bush of pubic hair on both men and women really was the norm but times change and fashions come and go and with that so has pubic hair. I think if you really had a huge pubic hair fetish the last 10 – 15 years must have been a terrible time because pubes, especially on women, seemed to have all but vanished. However in the last year or so it seems to be making a bit of a come (growth) back.

So lets talk about pubic hair. What about your own pubes, do you love them or hate them? Are you all about the clean smooth look? Do you shave, wax, or something else? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle, not a full bush but not completely gone either, neatly trimmed, partial shave? Does your partners preference effect how you keep your pubic hair. Is there something about your pubes, or lack of, that you find insanely hot?

How about on others; Do you love to run your fingers through a lovers pubic hair, maybe give it a little twist or pull or maybe you prefer it when things are smooth and bare? Is the presence of pubes a deal breaker when it comes to oral sex or maybe it is the icing on the cake? Have you ever asked a partner to change their pubic hair styling to suit your preferences? Have you ever shaved a partner or been shaved by your partner, seriously hot or not?

Don’t forget that Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences. Fiction posts are more then welcome, so if you want to write us a story inspired by the prompt then go for it.

I don’t really have much feeling either way about my pubes, I like having them pulled, but that’s about the only plus. I don’t think I’m overly hairy anyway. They can get a little long sometimes but there’s not a huge bush. Maybe if there was I might feel differently. I’m not interested in shaving, waxing or trimming and I’ve never had anyone comment negatively about it. And as it’s unlikely that I’ll be fucking anyone in the foreseeable future it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks anyway. I wouldn’t groom because someone wanted it either, if they don’t like me as I am then that’s tough and there’s no way anyone is coming near my bits with a razor. To be honest I’m too set in my ways to change now. I have thought occasionally of getting them waxed but I don’t think I want the pain.

As for partners I’ve never been with a guy when he’s been shaved or trimmed, even if they say they have done it in the past. It doesn’t bother me, being that bit older it’s what I’m used to.

I’m not a fan of the bald look anyway, trimmed is OK, but there’s just something about there being no pubic hair that makes me a little uncomfortable, especially on women, and especially if the woman in question looks very young. But then I’m more than slightly fed up of constantly seeing photos of shaved, primped and plucked ‘perfection’. I would much rather see pictures of real people.



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10 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I Shaved My Pubes – Once – Looked Funny – Itchy Growing Back! I Understand Why Women Keep It Very-Welled Trimmed or Shaved Once It’s Done! Looking Younger for Themselves and Partners is One Objective! With or Without; Women are Beautiful!!!

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  2. I like mine shaved, I just love how it feels and looks but I do it for me. Like you I would never do it for a partner and if someone wanted me to grow them back I am pretty sure I would say no. I also am not keen on the shaved look on men, I like my men to look like a man and to me that means pubes


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  3. I’m with you on the going your own way. If anybody asked me to grow mine I’d tell them exactly where to go. But I do prefer hairy men, trimmed is fine but shaved isn’t my preference.

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