The Naked Truth


Yesterday I read an article about how to have sex when you haven’t shaved your legs. And it pissed me off. So fuck it, if guys can get away with it and not have to worry I’m not shaving anything again.

I’ve posted several unedited ‘real’ photos of me before, but they were mostly when I wasn’t happy with my body.

Right now I’m more ‘I don’t give a fuck.’

And as much as I like posing and editing photos today you get just me, the difference is I’m happy with me (at the moment), so fuck it!


Me 2

Me 3

The Perfect Getaway

Wicked Wednesday #36 – Sunburn


When I asked for suggestions for Wicked Wednesday prompts, @sexblogofsorts was the first who responded. This was one of her suggestions. So, sunburn… tell us your sweet and sexy stories, or the horrible ones. No matter what story you share, link it for Wicked Wednesday.

I’m not likely to get sunburn here today. We’ve had some beautiful, sunny days but one of the downsides to living on the Atlantic coast is sea fog. Days of cold, damp weather which just sucks the life out of everything.

I know I didn’t move here for the weather but sometimes I wish I was somewhere hot, with someone hot. To be able to walk around in pretty summer dresses, but not for sitting on the beach or lounging by the pool. I’d prefer to explore where we were. I like to visit out of the way places, away from the tourist tat and cafes that serve English/Irish food.

Spending the morning exploring old churches, ruins, local museums. Then find a quiet little place for lunch, a glass of wine, some conversation, before going back to the hotel for an afternoon of hot, sweaty sex, a nap, a shower, more sex and then dinner.

I just want to get away from this. Even if only for a few days.



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Good Vibrations?

Kink of the Week #11

Kink of the Week July 16-31: Vibrators

Doxy vibrators

Image courtesy of Emmeline Peaches Reviews

As we have already done dildos it seems only right that we should also tackle vibrators here on Kink of the Week. Vibrators have been around for significant part of human history. There is much debate about the first vibrator but many people cite the ‘Tremoussoir’ which was invented in France during 1734 as the first. During Victorian times doctors would a variety of female ailments, most notably female hysteria with a ‘pelvic massage’ for which they often designed vibrating machines to aid them with this task. Today vibrators have come a long way and are now available in numerous styles, shapes, sizes, and vibrations, from the small and buzz to the large and thundery. Whatever your vibrating preference there is a vibrator out there to suit you.

So, what about you and vibrators? Ladies (and female identifying folks) first… Do you love the buzz of a good vibrator? Do you have a favourite or different vibes for different moods, occasions, needs? Is a vibrator something you use on your own or does it really come into its own when it is part of partnered sex? Have you ever used a vibrator on another woman? Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? Do you remember your first vibrator? Maybe you have never used one, if so, why not? Or maybe you have used them and discarded them unhappily to the ‘not for me’ category of sex toys?

Now gentlemen (and male identifying folks) let’s hear about your thoughts on vibrators. Have you ever used one on yourself, maybe for anal play, or do you just like the way it feels against your cock and/or balls? What of using a vibrator on a partner, can you remember the first time you did that? Did she just get it out or did she ask you beforehand if you were up for it? Do you like watching a woman using a vibrator on herself? Have you ever bought a vibrator as a gift for a lover? Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? If you are a D type then maybe the vibrator lends itself to opportunities for orgasm denial, forced orgasms etc.

I’ve only ever used a bog standard variable speed cock shaped vibe and a bullet. When I’ve used them myself it’s not been great, they’re both a bit buzzy so maybe I’d be better off with something more powerful and rumbly. It’s much better having someone use them on me. Using vibrators is only a part of sex, and not a very important part at that. I’m just as happy without using anything.

I have looked at other vibrators but to be honest they are mostly way too expensive for me. I can’t justify spending €100 or more on something that may just be a waste of time, especially at the moment. I’ve always found masturbating to leave me more frustrated and needy than I was before I started. I can’t come more than once by myself and that’s not enough, I need someone to make me come several times.

I don’t know though maybe I should invest in a Doxy and fix in place until I’ve had enough  😀

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