Kink of the Week #12

Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

Woman with really long hair kink

Image courtesy of Maria Opens Up

We have done pubic hair so I thought maybe we should also talk about the hair on our heads. For future reference we will also do other body hair.

Long hair, short hair, bald heads, curly, straight, wavy, blonde, red, black, brown, dyed, bangs (fringe for the UK’ers) tied up, let loose. I could go on and on with words that describe hair but you get the picture. Our hair is as varied and different as we are and it rarely stays the same throughout our lives. How we have our hair changes with time, mood, fashions, health and sometimes even wealth. Just as how we style our hair can change, so can how we feel about it.

Is hair in any way shape or form a kink for you? Could be your own or your partners? Maybe you have a thing for really long hair, is gender specific or is your love of hair more important than someones genitals? Do you have a kink for your own hair? Perhaps you have a specific style that you do to portray a certain personality or role, such a fierce tight bun to make you look like a school mistress, or girly pigtails when you are feeling ‘little’. We have already done pigtails as a kink of their own but if that is your thing feel free to cover it for this topic.

Do you love having your hair touched? Is there something so sensual about a lover running their fingers through your hair that just does it for you? Or maybe you like things a bit rough. What about hair pulling? Fuck yes or hell no? Of course maybe you are the hair puller? What is it about grabbing a handful of locks and using it to control them that presses your buttons?

When it comes to a man’s hair I prefer short or shaved. It’s all to do with the texture, how it feels against my skin. Like stubble, I love the roughness of it. I don’t know if I’d go as far to call it a kink but I’m more likely to check out a guy if he has a shaved head rather than long hair.

My hair is yet another part of me I don’t like, no surprise there. My natural colour is a dull mousy browny blonde, it’s dead straight, thin and is constantly falling out. When I was younger I kept it at shoulder length, through my teens of course it was greasy, I had dandruff, just yuck. I cut it as short as I was allowed and was slightly happier about it. I’ve had it at different lengths over the years and dyed it now and again as I started getting grey hairs when I was 18. I would have loved to have been a redhead and for my hair to have some body to it. I’m not into styling it, never have been, I hate visiting the hairdresser and I don’t have the money or the inclination to spend fortunes on it. When it’s long I usually just keep it tied back. At least grease and dandruff aren’t a problem now, I have the opposite – dry hair and an irritable scalp, but I’ve finally found products that work, which is something.

I don’t like my hair being touched until it comes to sex. Hair pulling is definitely a kink of mine, that feeling of a hand wrapped in my hair, being controlled, it does it every time. Just don’t stroke it.

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6 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I like hair more than I thought I do, love running my hands through it gently, the occasional tug 😉
    I also enjoy fingers through my own chest hair. You never know what that extra thing that puts that glint in your eye will be.

    Great post as ever

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  2. I love having my hair stroked but it was not until I rea Mrs Fever post that I realised that probably comes from childhood and memories of my Mother doing the same thing. However like you I really like having my hair used as a way to control things during sex


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  3. I hate my hair too, I’m lazy with it, not really knowing how to style it either nor do I want to spend hours every morning. Naturally I’m a non-descript brownish, I think, I’ve not seen my natural colour (other than roots) since I was around 15! I go for a red colour normally, wild and fiery just like me!


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