Get out of my head!

Masturbation Monday #23



I know it’s been a while since I last took part, four months, I checked. I didn’t know it had been that long. I’ve had some problems finishing things for various reasons, but here you go. I don’t think is great, but it’s finished. (I really need a rebound fuck)

More random shite from my brain

You need to do this

I can’t

Yes you can, just bloody do it!

It scares me, I can’t

The only way to stop being scared is to do it

But I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. All I end up with is disjointed sentences, the thoughts scatter, the words hide.

You have to keep trying

I know.

The thoughts won’t leave me, I can’t settle to anything, they always interrupt, invade, take over, until my mind is filled, the pain and darkness return and I’m lost again.

Thoughts of what was, the pain of loss, the darkness of being alone.

Until I lie down and close my eyes, when something like muscle memory kicks in,

as I close my eyes, feel what was,

strong arms keeping me safe, holding me together,

skin against skin, our bodies an almost perfect fit,

hands stroking, fingers exploring, twisting, pinching,

my wrists held together above my head,

sighs and moans turn to mewls and gasps,

as the flashes of pain make me wet,

my clit longing for his touch,

on my back, a hand round my throat,

half-heard, half-forgotten words,

whispers in my ear,

fucktoy, slut, mine,

as I feel his cock inside me,

slow, deliberate strokes,

as he tells me what he wants to see,

me, used, fucked, slapped, spanked,

‘you want it’

‘no, please, fuck’

his weight holding me down,



‘fucking dirty whore’


‘my dirty, little whore’



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