A sad countdown

Wicked Wednesday #I don’t know :/

My countdown is neither sexy nor happy. So you may want to skip this post.



Six weeks ago I said I was taking a bit of a break as my dad was ill. I’ve still posted occasionally because things have been a bit all over the place, not knowing exactly what was happening. He was in and out of hospital for a couple of weeks for more tests, and was diagnosed with an aggressive stage four liver cancer, which was secondary. They also found cancer cells in his oesophagus. He started chemo last week but unfortunately he’s condition has deteriorated so quickly we’re just on a countdown now. And to be honest I don’t know if we’re talking hours, days, maybe a couple of weeks.

The only good thing is that things have happened so fast that he hasn’t had to undergo weeks of gruelling treatment that would have only given him a few extra months and left us with horrible memories.

The most important thing for us is that he’s comfortable and he’s close to home.

And yes, I’ll still be around on Twitter. I need to have something to take my mind off things.

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11 thoughts on “A sad countdown

  1. Ah love, I know you read my post about how my mother passed, very quickly and without much warning, so I do have an idea of where you are now. It’s both a blessing that it’s quick but also a curse because we want longer to say all the things we need to say and hold them that little bit longer.
    All I can say to you is cherish each moment, say all the stuff you’ve ever wanted to say to him.
    My dad died four years after my Mam and his was a slightly slower and more drawn out death and you’re correct about being left with difficult memories.
    I truly hope you, your family and your dad get to make some good memories in the time you have left.
    I wish you all the love and strength that I can. You know my DM is always there if you need to chat.
    My heart is with you xx

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