You say you think about me a lot.

First thing in the morning or last thing at night?

Or am I just an afterthought?

Do I invade your every waking moment,

or disturb your sleep as you do mine?

Or am I just an afterthought?

I don’t need you to quantify,

only to qualify.

Although I wonder,

now I can finally think past you.

Will you become just an afterthought?


14 thoughts on “Afterthought

  1. I tend to think that when you’ve had something special with someone, you do think of each other often. Not so much afterthoughts but more important thoughts that drift in, drift out, won’t be more, won’t be less, important to hold the memories…

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  2. Anyone Who Is In Your Life And Does Not Think About You Constantly, Even In Their Sleep Will Become An Afterthought In Your Mind; You Occasionally Think About, To Wonder If They Moved On As Well As You Have! Then You Laugh Because It Doesn’t Even Matter To You!

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