Friday Flash #10 and Masturbation Monday #25

Friday Flash Prompt #11 Happy New Year


Masturbation Monday Prompt Week 123


A new year, a new start.

At least that what I told myself.

But I could travel the world,

New York, London, Paris,

and never escape.

I let you inside my head and now I can’t get rid of you.

I wish I could un-feel,

the touch of your fingers on my skin.

I wish I could un-remember,

the feel of your hands on my body.

I wish I didn’t think about you holding me every night I go to sleep.

I wish I didn’t think about you fucking me every morning.

I don’t want the snapshots and flashbacks in my head.

A flurry of images.

Bodies, sweat, saliva and semen,

Mouths and hands,

cock and cunt,

tits and arse

I don’t want my body remembering,

how it felt,

to kneel for you,

to submit to you,

to surrender to you.

To willingly give you,

whatever you wanted.

To willingly take,

whatever you chose to give.

But I let you inside my head…

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Wicked Wednesday #40



Inspiration for this prompt come from the open and honest way of writing by M of the blog Cammies on floor, during and after the breakup with her husband. Many who read that must have thought of their own break-ups, their own slutfests, their own way of dealing with the heartbreak. Come on, share yours with the world.

A slutfest would be good

right about now.

To spend hours and days

fucking you out of my head.

To have someone else

run their hands

over my body.

A new mouth to kiss and bite.

A myriad of new bodies

to explore.

Each one different

to you.

New hands

new mouths

new cocks.


To be able to leave you behind.

A series of one night stands

to be the slut

that I know I am.

Hands between my thighs

searching between the folds

to find the wetness within.

Slick fingers stroking my clit

swollen with need.

Sliding inside me

to banish you.

To be fucked

again and again

night after night

one after the other

cock after cock

until there is nothing left.

My mind empty and quiet.

I wish.


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My Obsession

Friday Flash #9 and Masturbation Monday #24

It’s been a while since I flashed the lovely Leonora 🙂

This the prompt for October.


Love is love, is lust, is obsession,


Strength and weakness


to take

what is given freely.

Skin on skin,

rough hands,

soft lips,

hard cock.

The rope,

that twists and binds,

the belt,

that bites and stings.

I fall in love,

a little bit more,

every time.


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Get out of my head!

Masturbation Monday #23



I know it’s been a while since I last took part, four months, I checked. I didn’t know it had been that long. I’ve had some problems finishing things for various reasons, but here you go. I don’t think is great, but it’s finished. (I really need a rebound fuck)

More random shite from my brain

You need to do this

I can’t

Yes you can, just bloody do it!

It scares me, I can’t

The only way to stop being scared is to do it

But I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. All I end up with is disjointed sentences, the thoughts scatter, the words hide.

You have to keep trying

I know.

The thoughts won’t leave me, I can’t settle to anything, they always interrupt, invade, take over, until my mind is filled, the pain and darkness return and I’m lost again.

Thoughts of what was, the pain of loss, the darkness of being alone.

Until I lie down and close my eyes, when something like muscle memory kicks in,

as I close my eyes, feel what was,

strong arms keeping me safe, holding me together,

skin against skin, our bodies an almost perfect fit,

hands stroking, fingers exploring, twisting, pinching,

my wrists held together above my head,

sighs and moans turn to mewls and gasps,

as the flashes of pain make me wet,

my clit longing for his touch,

on my back, a hand round my throat,

half-heard, half-forgotten words,

whispers in my ear,

fucktoy, slut, mine,

as I feel his cock inside me,

slow, deliberate strokes,

as he tells me what he wants to see,

me, used, fucked, slapped, spanked,

‘you want it’

‘no, please, fuck’

his weight holding me down,



‘fucking dirty whore’


‘my dirty, little whore’



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Come and play

Wicked Wednesday #37

Peel away the layers,

one by one.

Reveal the darkness.

Release the demons.

Do you want to play?


I’ve decided to link this to Wicked Wednesday. This week’s prompt is about reading. I was going to write something else but for some reason this post reminds me of Japanese ghost stories 😀

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Burning Desire

Some more mediocre poetry 😀 (photo from wiki commons)


I Burn…

I burn…

…not with the gentle flicker

of the fireside warmth,

but with the rage of a wildfire,

consuming everything in its path .

I burn…

…to be filled,

with a hand around my throat.

…to surrender

to another’s desires.

…to explore

the dark inside my mind.

I burn.

Butterfly Kisses

Kiss me,

like you mean it,

as if you love me,

as if you’ll always be here.

I know that you won’t,

but just for one night,

give me butterfly kisses to remember you by.

Say that you want me,

that you need me,

like I do you,

say you’ll stay by my side.

I know that you won’t,

but just for one night,

give me butterfly kisses,

to hold back my demons.

Butterfly kisses to remember you by.


Alone 6