Friday Flash #10 and Masturbation Monday #25

Friday Flash Prompt #11 Happy New Year


Masturbation Monday Prompt Week 123


A new year, a new start.

At least that what I told myself.

But I could travel the world,

New York, London, Paris,

and never escape.

I let you inside my head and now I can’t get rid of you.

I wish I could un-feel,

the touch of your fingers on my skin.

I wish I could un-remember,

the feel of your hands on my body.

I wish I didn’t think about you holding me every night I go to sleep.

I wish I didn’t think about you fucking me every morning.

I don’t want the snapshots and flashbacks in my head.

A flurry of images.

Bodies, sweat, saliva and semen,

Mouths and hands,

cock and cunt,

tits and arse

I don’t want my body remembering,

how it felt,

to kneel for you,

to submit to you,

to surrender to you.

To willingly give you,

whatever you wanted.

To willingly take,

whatever you chose to give.

But I let you inside my head…

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My Obsession

Friday Flash #9 and Masturbation Monday #24

It’s been a while since I flashed the lovely Leonora 🙂

This the prompt for October.


Love is love, is lust, is obsession,


Strength and weakness


to take

what is given freely.

Skin on skin,

rough hands,

soft lips,

hard cock.

The rope,

that twists and binds,

the belt,

that bites and stings.

I fall in love,

a little bit more,

every time.


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Get out of my head!

Masturbation Monday #23



I know it’s been a while since I last took part, four months, I checked. I didn’t know it had been that long. I’ve had some problems finishing things for various reasons, but here you go. I don’t think is great, but it’s finished. (I really need a rebound fuck)

More random shite from my brain

You need to do this

I can’t

Yes you can, just bloody do it!

It scares me, I can’t

The only way to stop being scared is to do it

But I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. All I end up with is disjointed sentences, the thoughts scatter, the words hide.

You have to keep trying

I know.

The thoughts won’t leave me, I can’t settle to anything, they always interrupt, invade, take over, until my mind is filled, the pain and darkness return and I’m lost again.

Thoughts of what was, the pain of loss, the darkness of being alone.

Until I lie down and close my eyes, when something like muscle memory kicks in,

as I close my eyes, feel what was,

strong arms keeping me safe, holding me together,

skin against skin, our bodies an almost perfect fit,

hands stroking, fingers exploring, twisting, pinching,

my wrists held together above my head,

sighs and moans turn to mewls and gasps,

as the flashes of pain make me wet,

my clit longing for his touch,

on my back, a hand round my throat,

half-heard, half-forgotten words,

whispers in my ear,

fucktoy, slut, mine,

as I feel his cock inside me,

slow, deliberate strokes,

as he tells me what he wants to see,

me, used, fucked, slapped, spanked,

‘you want it’

‘no, please, fuck’

his weight holding me down,



‘fucking dirty whore’


‘my dirty, little whore’



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Masturbation Monday #22

Random thoughts that plague me.

Mouth kissing

Tongue licking

Teeth biting

Hand stroking, spanking, slapping

Fingers pinching, gliding, driving

Cunt hot, wet, dripping

Cock hard, deep, pounding

Bodies entwined, sweaty, sliding

into satiated sleep.


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Don’t Love Me

Masturbation Monday #21

These are the things I need,

I want them, but I need them more.

To crawl to you, for you to make me beg for your cock.

Beg you to let me suck it, gag on it, beg you to choke me with it.

‘Please, let me suck your cock, please fuck my throat.

Please, make me gag, choke me.

Please, I need you to do this.’

I need you to spank me until I cry.

I need you to make me cry.

‘Please, hurt me and make me cry. Please.’

I need you to take away my control.

I need you to hold me down, fuck me, pinch me, slap me, bite me.

Your hand round my throat.

Call me a slut, a whore, a fucktoy.

Use me, hurt me, mark me.

Just don’t love me.



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May is…

…Masturbation Month apparently.

The things you learn. My thoughts on that subject will be in a KOTW post 😀

Masturbation Monday #20

In honour of the month Kayla Lords who runs Masturbation Monday is offering writers and readers the chance to win prizes, see here for details. I’ve not had much luck writing lately but how could I not with this as the prompt!

Prompt for Masturbation Monday Week 87

Lying on my back, across his lap he tells me to give him a wank. As I start to stroke his cock, a hand goes between my legs. ‘Don’t stop.’ He tells me. His other hand goes to my neck, gentle pressure, enough for me to feel it as his fingers delve inside my cunt. I try to keep the rhythm going with my hand. ‘Concentrate.’ He whispers in my ear. I know I won’t be able to, it’s not fair. He continues to work at my cunt, my clit, whispering in my ear all the time about what will happen if I stop wanking him off. About how he’ll turn me over and make me choke on his cock, then when he’s tired of that he’ll fuck me, first my cunt, then my arse. His cock twitches in my hand. ‘Good girl. Keep going.’ I’m writhing under his hand now, I can’t do this. His fingers digging into me, I miss a stroke. His hands are gone from me and he flips me over. ‘Open.’ I open my mouth as he grabs my hair, pushes me down onto his cock until I’m gagging. ‘Get your arse up her.’ I shuffle around until he can push his fingers into my cunt. He lifts my head, my mouth and eyes streaming before pushing me back down again, my cunt clenching around his fingers as I gag again, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I shift to change the angle and manage a breath before his cock slides into my throat. He holds me there for a few seconds. ‘There’s a good little slut.’ He pulls my head up, kisses me, pushes me away from him and stands by the bed. He pulls me so my head is over the edge of the bed and slides his cock back into my mouth, down my throat, his fingers in my cunt again. Talking to me as he alternates between fucking my throat and letting me breathe. ‘I know how much you want me to fuck you, how much you want me inside you.’ My cunt dripping and clenching around his fingers as I moan around his cock. ‘I might just come in your mouth, or on your face. I don’t know do you deserve to be fucked.’ I want to beg him, but all I can do is make pleading sounds and try to remember to breathe when he lets me. I don’t want this to stop but I need him to fuck me, please, let him fuck me…

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Masturbation Monday #19 and Friday Flash #3

She’d always been Mouse, ever since school, scurrying around in the background. Even now, she still thought of herself as Mouse. She still couldn’t actually believe she’d done what she’d done. As soon as the poster had gone up in the cocktail bar below her apartment she’d known she had to go. She rarely went out, and when she did she stayed in the background, one drink and then back home to her little mousehole.

‘You know he’s done this for you?’ one of the barmaids had said a few days ago, asking her if she was going to go. The one thing people did know about her was her love for Art Deco, silent movies and all things 20’s, her tiny apartment was filled with the treasures she’d managed to find.

The thought scared her and excited her at the same time. Her experience of men and sex was almost non-existent. After she’d showered, as she lay on her bed in her underwear she thought about him. He’d always been kind, polite, never pushing after the first time he’d asked out and she’d refused. Her hands slid over her body, not for the first time imaging his hands touching her instead. She closed her eyes and imagined it was his hand holding her breast, his fingers squeezing her nipple, making her gasp. His hand between her legs, exploring her wetness, his thumb gliding over her clit. It was his name she called out as she came. She looked over at the dress she’d bought and smiled. She was tired of being Mouse, tired of being alone, she wanted some excitement in her life. She decided against showering again and slid the dress over her head, loving the feel of it at she smoothed it over her body. Loving the feel of the sticky wetness between her legs as she brushed out her new sleek bob. A quick slick of deep red lipstick and she was ready, slipping the lipstick into her bag she took one last look at herself in the mirror. ‘Bye bye Mouse.’ She whispered and headed out the door.

Mouse 5

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