Good Vibrations?

Kink of the Week #11

Kink of the Week July 16-31: Vibrators

Doxy vibrators

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As we have already done dildos it seems only right that we should also tackle vibrators here on Kink of the Week. Vibrators have been around for significant part of human history. There is much debate about the first vibrator but many people cite the ‘Tremoussoir’ which was invented in France during 1734 as the first. During Victorian times doctors would a variety of female ailments, most notably female hysteria with a ‘pelvic massage’ for which they often designed vibrating machines to aid them with this task. Today vibrators have come a long way and are now available in numerous styles, shapes, sizes, and vibrations, from the small and buzz to the large and thundery. Whatever your vibrating preference there is a vibrator out there to suit you.

So, what about you and vibrators? Ladies (and female identifying folks) first… Do you love the buzz of a good vibrator? Do you have a favourite or different vibes for different moods, occasions, needs? Is a vibrator something you use on your own or does it really come into its own when it is part of partnered sex? Have you ever used a vibrator on another woman? Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? Do you remember your first vibrator? Maybe you have never used one, if so, why not? Or maybe you have used them and discarded them unhappily to the ‘not for me’ category of sex toys?

Now gentlemen (and male identifying folks) let’s hear about your thoughts on vibrators. Have you ever used one on yourself, maybe for anal play, or do you just like the way it feels against your cock and/or balls? What of using a vibrator on a partner, can you remember the first time you did that? Did she just get it out or did she ask you beforehand if you were up for it? Do you like watching a woman using a vibrator on herself? Have you ever bought a vibrator as a gift for a lover? Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? If you are a D type then maybe the vibrator lends itself to opportunities for orgasm denial, forced orgasms etc.

I’ve only ever used a bog standard variable speed cock shaped vibe and a bullet. When I’ve used them myself it’s not been great, they’re both a bit buzzy so maybe I’d be better off with something more powerful and rumbly. It’s much better having someone use them on me. Using vibrators is only a part of sex, and not a very important part at that. I’m just as happy without using anything.

I have looked at other vibrators but to be honest they are mostly way too expensive for me. I can’t justify spending €100 or more on something that may just be a waste of time, especially at the moment. I’ve always found masturbating to leave me more frustrated and needy than I was before I started. I can’t come more than once by myself and that’s not enough, I need someone to make me come several times.

I don’t know though maybe I should invest in a Doxy and fix in place until I’ve had enough  😀

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No Touching

Kink Of The Week #9

Kink of the Week May 1-15: Masturbation

Woman laying on bed masturbation

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May is here and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere that means we are well and truly in the throes of spring but for everyone, no matter north or south, May is also Masturbation Month! So it really was obvious what topic should be first up this month.

For large parts of history Masturbation has been demonised with all sorts of evils and ills being attributed to this simple pleasurable act and yet it would seem that as soon as early man invented early tools he used them to craft to penis shaped items that one can only assume were not just works of art to decorate their caves with. Today masturbation is big business, a huge sex toy industry wants you to get your pants off and use their product to get your rocks off and yet despite that there are still many people peddling the idea that masturbation is bad, sinful, harmful to your health and relationships and other scaremongering type rhetoric despite the fact that all the evidence points to the exact opposite. Education about masturbation is still lacking, particularly when it comes to young women who despite the huge amount of sex toys now marketed at them are often hugely ignorant of how their bodies work.

So, lets talk about you and masturbation. Are you a regular wanker? When did you first start masturbating? Was it a wonderful discovery of a shameful secret? Maybe you were bought up in a environment where you were taught that touching yourself was ‘devils play’, how did this effect you and your exploration of your self pleasure?

Do you like to use sex toys when you masturbate? Maybe you have a favourite toy or maybe you prefer the joys of your own hand/fingers and nothing else.

Does masturbation feature in your relationship? Is watching your partner getting off is seriously hot or something that makes you uncomfortable, alternatively how do you feel about being watched?

What do you think about when you masturbate? Is there a favourite, orgasm guaranteed, fantasy that you like to think about when you are reaching between your thighs? Do you like to watch porn, or maybe you prefer the stimulation of the written word?

I could go on and on but I am pretty sure you have got the idea by now, so slip your hands into your pants and share all your masturbatory thoughts with us here.

I was probably in my early teens when I started masturbating, I can’t remember exactly how old nor can I remember how I first discovered the delights of touching myself.

Over the years I’ve masturbated a lot, although I found once I’d made myself come I had to stop. Because I could only reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation it was too sensitive to keep going. I didn’t finger myself, didn’t use toys either. I’d have a go-to stock of fantasies guaranteed to work. Because I’d come across a stash of porn mags I knew it was something other people did, there was no sex ed. about it, I didn’t have friends I could talk to about it and although I didn’t flaunt it I wasn’t ashamed about it.

Over the last few years though I’ve done it less and less, occasionally I’d feel horny and sort it out but I supposed age, lack of a partner and just a general loss of interest in sex meant I just couldn’t be arsed. Then I stopped being able to orgasm, the horrible thought surfaced ‘What if I never have another one?’. Having another relationship I realised that I could still have orgasms, they were just different, and I needed a few to feel satisfied (greedy). Now I don’t even bother masturbating, I still get horny but trying to do anything about it just leaves me irritated and more frustrated so I have to do something else to take my mind off it. It’s annoying but I’m used to it now and I hope it’s not a permanent thing. But if it is I’ll just have put up with it, to be honest I’ve too much other shit going on to be worrying about it.

I hate being watched and I’m not that fussed about watching a partner masturbate, even with porn I don’t find it hot watching someone masturbate. The one thing I do like though is how it feels to have someone masturbate against me. That I do like.

Touch 3

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Search Terms

Masturbation Monday #6

I had my first recorded search term on Friday! I haven’t had very many people finding me through search engines anyway, I think most of those who do visit find me through the memes. The search was ‘blog sexual frustration’ so I went and did a little bit of searching myself – there it was on Bing, fourth page, a few entries below a GOTN post. The search brought up this post from Sept. 16th, one of my ranty ones about not having orgasms as easily as I used to. It made me happy, but I wonder if the post was of any use to the person who read it. So anyway I thought I’d write a little something about where I am now when it comes to masturbation.

I used to masturbate, a lot. Because I was nearly always horny. Morning, noon or night, if I was at home and feeling in need of an orgasm I’d have one. If I wasn’t at home I’d get home as soon as I could and sort myself out, (I could never masturbate away from home, just couldn’t do it). I had a few different fantasies but they’d usually involve being watched and used by a lot of different people. Now because of the issues I have with having an orgasm I tend to not bother when I’m on my own, it just makes me more frustrated. But when Sir is here it’s a different story. He likes to watch me touch myself and even though I don’t/can’t come, knowing that he’s watching me, and enjoying it means that I enjoy it. And he whispers in my ear, things he’d like to do to me, other thing he’d like to watch me doing.

Touch Yourself

“Touch yourself.” Those two little words, he knows she won’t refuse him, can’t refuse him. He kneels between her legs, his cock hard, watching as her hand slides over her stomach and inside her knickers. Her cunt already wet, she’s always wet for him. She moans as she rubs her swollen clit, spreading her legs further to push her fingers inside her cunt. “You’re such a dirty little whore. Touching yourself while I watch.” He lies down so she can feel him stroking his cock, his hand brushing against hers. “You like to be watched don’t you?”

“Yes.” Her wet fingers glide over and around her clit.

“Tell me what goes through that dirty whore mind of yours when you’re touching yourself.” He knows that she can’t tell him, can’t put it into words, but he’s read her words, written for him. “Do you think about being watched? Is it just me watching you? Or do you think about men standing around you, wanking while they watch you? Coming over you, your face, your tits, covering you in their come. Or do they touch you as well?” He pulls her knickers to the side so he can see her touching herself, her fingers sliding into her cunt, rubbing her clit. So he can see how wet she’s getting as she listens to him talk. “Their hands all over your body, tits, cunt, arse. Pinching you, stroking you, slapping you. Their mouths, licking your cunt and your arse, sucking your nipples, biting you. Cocks and fingers in all your holes, coming in your mouth, in that hot, wet cunt, up your tight, little arse until it’s running out of you in rivers. How many are there? Two, five, ten? Or is there an endless number, one after another. No that’s not enough for you is it? You’re such a dirty little whore. A needy little slut who loves cock. Four or five at a time, fucking all your holes at once, with more waiting their turn with the whore, the little slut who’ll take it anywhere.” He rubs the head of his cock against her, making her whimper and lift her hips towards him. “No cock for you yet, slut.” He strokes his cock faster, his hand hitting her cunt, almost punching her as he wanks against her. “Maybe I should tie you up first, hands behind your back, blindfold, so you can’t see who’s next, what they look like, who they are. Let them use you like I do. My little fucktoy.” He flips her onto her stomach and she feels his cock inside her cunt, feels him come inside her. He keeps talking to her. More dirty words lifted from her mind as she rubs his spunk over her clit, lost in his words that are her words.


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My Journey – part one

The tagline for this blog is ‘My BDSM Journey’ so two weeks and ten posts in I suppose I really should write a little bit about it, don’t you?

A very brief history of my sex life: First kiss at 11, first sexual fumblings at 13, lost my virginity (maybe I should say cherry?) at 14. First started masturbating at around that age too. Was I a late starter? I don’t know what the average age is but even with the experiences I’d had I was never really interested in sex, I didn’t particularly enjoy it whilst at the same time I loved it, I can’t work that one out at all, I think I just love having a cock inside me. But I discovered my clit at about the same time I came across a stash of porn mags, oh how things changed! I flicked through them, pictures of all sorts of bits in all sorts of positions. Women touching themselves, touching each other, men touching women, cocks and cunts, mouths hands, dildos, and the stories. I found the stories worked better because I could imagine myself in them rather than trying to put myself in a photo. I fantasised about all of it. Sex with women, sex with men, sex with more than one person at a time, being licked, sucked and fucked while I made my self come.

It was usually the stories involving bondage and being used that I enjoyed the most, soon I had abandoned the magazines and was inventing my own scenarios. I would casually bring up the subject of being tied up with whoever I was fucking and only one guy actually did tie me up but he obviously had as much knowledge of the subject as I did. When I said ‘No, stop.’ As you do, he did. He untied me and that was about it. That happened when I was 19. After that I had to wait until I was 38 for my next willing partner. That was a bit better, but it was still pretty tame compared to what I actually wanted and afterwards I had to tie him up, which really didn’t interest me. But I loved that relationship, loved him. He was the one who started me back on the road to liking myself again and he’s the only man who ever actually made me come.

So we hop through another few years of one night stands, short relationships and one longer one, none of which helped me scratch my itch for bondage or orgasm. I then gave up on men for a while (five years). I was going through a lot of personal and family stuff and I made the decision to concentrate on myself and my kids. I started doing a full time college course and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life and had a 20+ year relationship with a twat. I knew I was a nice person, funny, smart, creative but I had trouble convincing myself that I really was that person, but the course really turned me around. Gave me more confidence, helped to believe that my thoughts and opinions were valid.I was still masturbating though less often, the fantasies got darker, the orgasms still happening sometimes but I was losing interest.

Last year I felt ready to try and find myself a man so I signed up to OKC (again). I live in a small town and as there are very few single men in the eligible category, online dating is really my only option. OKC is my favourite site, easy to sign up and more importantly easy to delete your profile. All I wanted was to meet up with someone once in a while, have dinner, some good conversation and a shag. Not really much to ask? I wasn’t even looking for a kinky partner, just a cock and some adult contact. My profile was rubbish to be honest, my photo was a profile head shot of me in sunglasses (I hate looking at myself in photos) I filled in all the basics; age, height, hair, eye colour, kids, dogs or cats etc. and some really basic information on my interests with the intention of going back and adding more at a later date. I got loads of messages – the usual cast of weirdos and men after money or visas, a lot of young lads ranging in age from 18-23, and a couple from guys in the right age range and at least in the same country. There were even a couple of kinky ones in there but there wasn’t really anyone I wanted to meet. Until I got THE message. It was pretty long for a first message (good), he asked me questions (very good) and he made me laugh (very, very good). So I took a look at his profile, it was almost what I would have written if I had filled out my profile. And he was tall! (I have a thing for tall men.) I replied and we chatted away for a few days, this was over the Christmas holidays, but early in the New Year we arranged a meeting.

And I’ll tell you a bit more about that very soon.