Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

Masturbation Monday #2

Part 2 of last week’s story just isn’t working. So instead here’s one of the stories I’ve written for Sir.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

I lie on the dining room floor where you left me, blindfolded, hands tied behind my back. The thin cotton top and short skirt you told me to wear not providing much protection against the tiles, unyielding, leaching the warmth from my body How long have I been here? Five minutes? Ten? I don’t know. I can’t hear anything apart from my own breathing. Are you even still in the house? What if you don’t come back? What if you do? My thoughts racing, I fight back the panic, force myself to calm down. I know that as tight as the ropes are if you don’t come back I could get out of them and I know that if you do come back it will be to complete my punishment. My punishment for being too much of a brat, for forgetting who is in charge.

Different parts of me are starting to complain. My shoulders, my legs, my side against the tiles. For all I know this could be my punishment, hours spent lying on the cold, hard floor. I try to ease the aches by shifting slightly. “I told you to stay still.” you growl from what sounds like right beside my ear. My heart races, shit.

“Sorry Sir.” I whisper.

“Are you uncomfortable?” You sound pleased.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good.” The silence returns and I try not to move. I think of the other ways you might punish me trying to take my mind off the growing ache in my legs. I could hope for a spanking but we both know that’s no punishment. Your belt? Again, not really punishment. The more I think about it the more I think you’re just going to leave me lying here. Leave me lying here until I’m crying from the cold and the pain of having to stay still. Then I feel your foot on my hip as you roll me onto my back. I can’t suppress a groan of pain as my body adjusts to this new position. Kicking my legs apart you kneel down and push my skirt up. “Do you know how much I love your big knickers? Makes you look, so innocent, so vulnerable.” The cheap fabric rips easily as you yank at it and you shove two fingers roughly into my cunt. “I feel like I’m defiling you, corrupting you.” You work your fingers in and out of me. “Especially when you’re not enjoying it. Do you reckon I can still fuck you when you’re this dry? And how long will it take before you’re dripping anyway?” I hear you undo you belt, unzip your jeans. You lower yourself onto me and I try to relax as I feel your cock pushing against me. You open my legs wider and force your way inside me. “I fucking love it when you’re like this. Count until you’re wet.” I count each thrust, finding it bizarrely erotic, feeling myself finally getting wet.

“5…6…7…” You pull out of me then, of course I’m not supposed to be enjoying this. I hear you zipping up your trousers and then you sit on me. Your hand squeezing my tit as you lean down towards me.

“Did you enjoy that? How about this?” As you squeeze harder. “You like it rough?” Again the fabric stands no chance as you rip open my top. You pull down my bra cups and readjust my tits so they hang over the bra, pinching my nipples as you lean down further to bite my neck making me squirm underneath you, moaning. “You like that, don’t you?” You pinch harder and bite me again. “You like me to hurt you, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir” I moan.

“You’re such a whore. What are you?”

“A whore Sir.”

“A bratty, disobedient whore?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“A bratty, disobedient whore who needs to be punished?”

“Yes Sir.” You get off of me.

“On your knees.” I can’t figure out how I’m going to get onto my knees, I roll onto my side and manage to get my knees under me as I turn onto my front. I stay curled up for a few seconds and you put a hand on the back of my neck.

“Stay there.” You come back a second later and put a cushion under my head. “Lift your arse up.” I lie there, on my knees, head down with my arse in the air as you kneel beside me. You push my skirt up and stroke me. “Fuck it, I know it’s not much of a punishment but I really want to do this.” One hand on my back, you slap my arse, hard. Ow, fuck. And again, you keep going until my arse feels like it’s on fire, I already know it’s going to hurt to sit for a week. I’m pushing my face down into the cushion trying not to scream by the time you stop, but still my cunt is dripping as you push your fingers inside me again, your thumb forcing its way up my arse. My knees are starting to hurt from the tiles but I push back against your hand, wanting your fingers deeper inside me. I can’t help but moan in frustration as you take your hand away which only earns me a slap across my cunt. You pull me to my knees by my hair, “You’re my fucktoy for my pleasure. This is a punishment, it’s not about your greedy little cunt.” You growl at me as you slap my face and then let go of my hair. I kneel there wondering what you’re up to now until I hear the tell-tale clink of chain. I try not to groan when I realise you’re going to use the clamps, I really need to learn to behave myself. My nipples are already hard from the cold and I try not to move as you grab my tit and attach the first clamp, I squeal at the pinch and I can imagine your smile as you repeat the process on the other nipple. Fuck it hurts! I curl inwards but I can’t get away from them. “Sit up and open your legs.” I hear the sound of more chain as I try to straighten up, feel your fingers on my clit as you fasten on another clamp. I want to close my legs but I know that would only earn me more punishment. I hear you unzipping your trousers again and holding me by the hair you pull my head towards you, “Open.” I open my mouth and lick your cock, swirling my tongue around the head. “That’s better. Good girl.” You push your cock into my mouth making me gag as it hits the back of my throat. I almost forget about the clamps as I try to adjust the angle, to take you further in, I want your cock in my throat, choking me as you fuck my face. I almost forget until you reach down and yank on the chain, making me open my mouth, the scream of pain choked off as you pull on my hair and you groan as your cock slides down my throat, my saliva dripping down it, dripping down my chin, tears running down my face. “Good little fucktoy.” Pulling me closer towards you and holding me there for a few seconds, my throat filled with your cock. I can almost hear you thinking about whether to come then or wait as you grip my hair tighter but you pull my head back and push me back onto the floor as you zip up your jeans. Squeezing my tits you pull off the clamps and I start crying as you pinch my sore nipples. “Now we’re getting somewhere. Are you learning your lesson?” You ask as you pull the clamp off my clit.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, knees up and open your legs. Show me that greedy little cunt of yours.” I hear you take off your belt as you stand astride me. “Wider.” My knees are almost touching the floor as the first stinging lash of the belt lands on the inside of my thigh, the heat of it spreading as I try to keep my legs open. I manage not to move too much as the belt hits my thighs but when you hit me between the legs on my swollen clit it’s too much and I roll onto my side. You grab my knee and pull me back over and I spread my legs. “Move again and I’ll put the clamps back on.” Somehow I stay where I am, crying, not wanting the clamps again. Half a dozen more strikes of the belt and you’re done. “Now you can move.” I curl up on my side trying to breathe the pain away. Waiting for it to subside into the beautiful aching throb that I know will last this time for days. A reminder of you during the time we have to spend apart but before I get there you’re pulling me to my feet by my hair, dragging me across the room. “Nearly done.” you whisper in my ear as you bend me over the table holding me down, your hand on the back of my neck. “I’m going to cane you and then I’m going to fuck you.” The thought of having your cock inside makes my aching clit throb, makes my cunt even wetter. You stroke my already bruised arse, pushing my skirt back up and this time when you put your fingers inside me I stay still. “Good girl, you have learnt something. Spread your legs.” As I do I feel the thin, cold cane as you run it over my arse. I try to relax as you lift it away, try not to flinch as I wait for the first stroke. “Six of the best, you are going to count each one and thank me.”

“Yes Sir.” The swishing crack of the first stroke burns across my sore arse. “One, Thank you Sir.” I count off the strokes, each one landing in a different place. Across the top of my thighs, “Two, thank you Sir.” The next slightly lower, “Three, thank you Sir.” With the next two you manage to hit my cunt too. “Ah, four. Thank you Sir…five. Thank you Sir.” The last one across my thighs again. “Six, Thank you Sir.” You trail your fingers over the welts on my skin and I feel your tongue trace along them, licking along my lips as your hands strokes the wetness dripping down the inside of my thighs. I can feel your breath on my arse as you kneel behind me, you tongue licking my clit. As you hold my legs your tongue lapping at me I want to grind my cunt into your face and beg you to fuck me but that’s what got me into this situation and I know you’re just waiting for me to do or say something, so I keep my mouth shut, enduring the torture of your mouth. Finally you stand up.

“Good girl, I think you’ve learnt your lesson.” You bend over and kiss me, I can taste myself on you. God I want you to fuck me. “Now, where will I fuck you?” I already know where this is going. “In that greedy little cunt, or will I fuck your throat? Maybe I’ll just wank and come on you face. What do you think I should do?”

“Whatever you want Sir.”

“Good little fucktoy. Maybe you should have remembered that earlier.” Maybe I should have, what can I say? I’m a bratty little slut.

“Yes Sir.” I hear you unzip your jeans again as you put you fingers in my cunt.

“Eeny…” You take them out and lean over me, your cock hard against my arse, your jeans rubbing against the tender welts. “…Meeny…” You put them in my mouth and I lick my juices off as your cock pushes between my arse cheeks. “…Miny…” You wipe my spit across my cheeks as you guide the head of your cock inside my arse “…Mo.” You push your cock straight in and hold me down as you fuck me, one hand on my back, the other wrapped in my hair. My hips slamming against the table as you pound into me, more bruises to add to the ones I already have. You slow down then, your hands moving to my hips, pulling me back as you grind your cock deeper into me, one hand reaching up to grab my hair again, pulling my up so you can bite my neck, your other hand around my throat, squeezing my tits, twisting my nipples as I try to push back onto you, moaning, wanting to beg you to fuck me harder. You push me back down onto the table holding the back of my neck and slap my poor arse as you speed up, your hands move to my hips again, pulling me against you as you come inside me. One last slap to my arse as you pull out of me and zip up your jeans. “Perhaps you’ll do as you’re told next time.” But we both know it won’t be long before I need you to punish me again.

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