TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday – Sexaaay!


My first TMI Tuesday. I liked the questions this week 😀

What is sexier…
1. arms or shoulders? Shoulders are nice but I prefer arms. Strong arms wrapped around me – can’t beat that feeling. Have a thing about forearms too, there’s something so damn sexy about a man’s forearms.
2. ass or legs? Ass definitely. Male or female I love a nice ass.
3. pussy or dick? Why? To look at generally pussies are prettier, but there are some good dick pics out there. I love the feel of a good hard cock though. Pressed up against me or inside me.
4. feet or hands? Why? Hands, they can do so many good things. I don’t think feet are very attractive unless they’re in a nice pair of heels.
5. muscles or brains? Brains, I have to have mental stimulation. If you can’t talk to me I’m not interested. Muscles really don’t do it for me at all. Maybe a little bit of definition but I find really muscular guys a turn off. I prefer a dad bod.

Bonus: Do you think you’re sexy?  Some days I feel really sexy, other days not so much.

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